The Honda VFR800 VTEC is a sports tourer with an extraordinary blend of sophistication, comfort, performance and practicality. Voted worlds best all round bike on numerous occasions. With the ability to ride distances in comfort while still delivering exhilarating supersports performance at the twist of the throttle is where the Honda VFR800 Vtec gains respect. Original in every detail, and destined to turn heads wherever it goes, the Honda VFR800 Vtec form fuses the most advanced aerodynamic design with an exhilarating sense of modern style, sweeping back from nose to tail in an unmistakable representation of speed. The VFR800 VTEC finish is sublime, its fairing protective. Improved fuel economy and a larger fuel tank to give increased range.

The concept of a sports-tourer inevitably involves compromise, and the VFR has long been the master of that. With Honda's addition of the VTEC, the V4 is more capable than ever of providing the best of both worlds.